• ACNP supplies mission critical gear to U.S. Military Working Dog Teams
  • They Save Lives
    On average, in a military working dog's life,
    it will save the lives of over 150 soldiers
    and countless non-combatants.
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American Cold Nose Patriots

A registered 501 c3 charity

Dog heroes like Lassie and The Littlest Hobo have long tugged on American heartstrings. Never was there a situation, no matter how tricky, that these smart dogs couldn’t find a way out. Of course, those dogs were simply well-trained actors.

Military Working Dogs, however, are real, honest-to-goodness heroes. These dogs are used in combat zones to sniff out IED’s and other bombs, to patrol and scout areas, to apprehend enemies and most of all, to save lives. America's enemies know how truly effective our Military K9’s are. These dogs are priority targets. In fact, the bounty placed on a Military Working Dog is double that of a soldier’s.


There is simply no technology on earth today that compares to a dog’s nose. The United States government has tried to replicate it and failed—to the tune of 19 billion dollars. The manufactured attempts were deemed 50 percent effective, whereas a Military K9 has an 80 percent success rate. These dogs can smell .025 gram of explosive, making it nearly impossible for them to miss a hidden IED.

These dogs save lives. Period.

Military Working Dogs need our help. In order for them to work effectively, they require similar gear as their human counterparts: items like custom made frog clip leashes, Kevlar booties to protect their feet from glass and sharp stone, and doggles—goggles specifically made for a dog’s head.

American Cold Nose Patriots uses donations to purchase these essential items.

“Why isn’t the government supplying Military K9’s with what they need?”

We hear that question a lot. The truth of the matter is that there is often too much red tape and too little left in the budget to do so. American Cold Nose Patriots has cultivated a grassroots community through social media and charity events, building public awareness. Together we work to inform, educate and spread the word about Military K9’s and to acquire and transport highly critical gear to our cold nose patriots. None of this is possible without the generous support of donors like you.

Let’s never forget the sacrifice of American troops—human or canine.

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Some of the gear we supply with your generous donations
Kevlar Dog Boots

Dog boots are a must for protection from sand, rock, and heat. The Kevlar in the sole and front panel prevent penetration of glass and sharp objects.

Tactical Armor

Special Operations missions call for highly technological gear. The tactical body armor is wired with a collapsible video arm, two-way audio and other attachable gadgets.


Doggles are goggles, but perfectly fitted for a dog's head. They provide protection from the sun and from the effects of the desert sandstorms.


KONG (ACNP Sponsor) toys are the gold standard in training the United States K9 soldiers. Any cold nose patriot will tell you that KONG's hollow center is the perfect space for a big scoop of peanut butter.

Frog Clip Leash

Custom paracord dog leash, made with seven strands of #550 paracord made in the USA. Attached to this super strong leash is a Frog Cable Clip for quick release. Made to order for our dog teams.

Raptor Vest

These highly critical vests are needed for climbing, lifting, and rappelling. The tactical modular vest offers attachment space for ID panels, patches, pouches, lights, cameras, etc. The D-rings allow the dog to be balanced and secure at various attachment points when deployed.

Grooming Kit
  • Furminator deShedding Shampoo
  • Ray Allen Dry Shampoo
  • Ray Allen Ear Cleaner
  • Ray Allen Hot Spot Spray
  • Nail Clippers
  • Styptic Powder
  • Shed Magic Large
  • Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
  • Shedding Blade
  • Dry-Tec Dog Shammy
The Handler Kit
  • 5qt Stainless Steel Food Bowl
  • Water Hole Bowl
  • Dual-Sided Stainless Steel Blade
  • Firm Curved Slicker Brush - Large
  • 3mm Chrome Pinch Collar 18"
  • 4mm Long Link Fur Saver Chrome
  • 6' x 3/4" Braided Leather Leash
  • 15' x 1' Tubular Nylon Tracking
  • 30' x 1' Tubular Nylon Tracking Line
  • Duty Harness
  • (2) Black Large Extreme Kong
  • Large Leather Tracking Harness
  • Intermediate Sleeve
  • Low Profile Hidden Sleeve
  • (2) 12" x 2" Suit Tug One Handle
  • Bamboo Clatter Stick
  • Ball On Rope
  • 6qt Round Stainless Steel Pail
  • What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog

    General Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • The capability they (Military Working Dogs) bring to the fight cannot be replicated by man or machine.

    General David H. Petraeus

  • War dogs have, indeed, served the nation well and saved many lives. Dogs continue to serve to protect Americans both in combat zones and in homeland security roles.

    General Colin L. Powell

Lives Saved

World War II
To Date
Source: Rebecca Frankel, War Dogs


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